Customer references

Our products have been installed to guide and improve safety e.g. in metro-, and train stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls and schools.

In addition to Europe, our products have been installed e.g. to the United States. Our safety-enhancing and elegant safety and signaling solutions have been installed e.g. hospitals, schools ,shopping malls, libraries and train- and subway terminals.


Glowway’s floor-level sst-guiding system, was installed in Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Guiding solution ensures espcially the safe and easy passage for people with reduced mobility, while at the same time elegantly taking into account Oodi’s much-received architectural details.

Oodi received the accessibility award of the Disability Council in 2019. “Oodi is the first Finnish library to have accesibility taken into account so extensively already during the construction phase. The solutions installed in Oodi observes and supports the needs of people with reduced mobility and functioning (accessibility recognition for the Helsinki city library of Oodi 2019 by the Helsinki City Council for the Disabled)

Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Helsinki-Vantaa airport’s Completely renewed terminal 2 was opened for passengers on December 1st 2021. The extension and renovations of the terminal has received recognition and several awards. Glowway stainless steel guiding solution was implemented in the arrival and departure halls of the terminal to guide passengers and to ensure accessibility for all. Glowway guiding solution series GW0090 was the choice to cover the need for accessibility and guidance as well as tend the visual look of the terminal to create an exquisite space.

Länsimetro (western metro) stations 2017-2021

In 2019-2021, Glowway’s photoluminescent accessibility products has been installed at Länsimetro underground stations. The photolumiescent floor-level guiding system guarantees safer emergency exit system, for example during a fire or power failure as guidance is visible to the emergency exits all the way at the floor level. Raised pattern of the photoluminescent guiding tiles at the floor level also takes into account the needs of persons with visually impaired safety access and passage in normal and emergency situations.

Lippulaiva (shopping mall), Espoo

Lippulaiva, brand new shopping mall in Espoo, has Glowway’s signage solutions on the shopping center, bus station and at metro station. There are more than a kilometer of Glowway guiding products in the complex. With Glowway’s fully customizable rst-guiding solution, it was possible to implement the curved lines designed by the architect to guide and secure the commuter flow. At the metro station there is Glowway´s photoluminescent guiding and safety system. Same solution can be found in all Länsimetro stations.

Logomon silta, Turku

The Logomo bridge

Logomo bridge as Turku’s new landmark has been opened for public in 2021. Glowway photoluminescent guiding products and Glowway photoluminescent stair nosing products offer safety and accessibility also at this venue. Our retro-fit stair nosings with antislip feature was selected to be installed at the Logomo bridge. This model is possible to install in an existing staircase using a special Glowway aluminum installation chute.

Ateneum art museum
Helsinki, Finland
Espoo Lippulaiva
Espoo, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Wooden steps
Private home, Finland
Tampere tram
Tampere, Finland
Nokia Arena
Tampere, Finland
The Logomo bridge
Turku, Finland
Airport Helsinki-Vantaa
Vantaa, Finland
Espoo Christian School
Espoo, Finland
Western Metro
Helsinki-Espoo, Finland
Helsinki Central Library Oodi
Helsinki, Finland
Aviapolis Train station
Vantaa, Finland
Pirkkala Central Library
Pirkkala, Finland
University of Washington medical center
Washington DC, USA
Kontula Metro station
Helsinki, Finland
Haartman Hospital
Helsinki, Finland
Bicycle Path
Morges, Switzerland
Finnish Army Venues
A-Kruunu Oy apartments
Helsinki, Finland
  • Myllypuro metro station, Helsinki, Finland
  • Siilitie metro station, Helsinki, Finland
  • Kulosaari metro station, Helsinki, Finland
  • Vuosaari metro station, Helsinki, Finland
  • Tampere university hospital, Tampere, Finland
  • Myllypuro health center, Helsinki, Finland
  • Revontuli shopping centre, Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Stadtheater, Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Flour mill, Khartoum, Sudan