Glowway is a Finnish-Danish joint venture established in 2007.​

About us

We are an internationally oriented company specialized in innovative safety enhancing solutions.

 We develop photoluminescent pathway markings for all spaces from where people need to be able to exit efficiently e.g. in emergency situations and/or electrical outages. 

We also take into consideration the needs of the visually impaired. We design our products in close co-operation with safety authorities and research institutions. Our company’s operation is based on an innovation patented internationally.

The artist behind Glowway

Mr. Jorma Parkkari, the artist behind Glowway products, was born in 1955 in the town of Vaasa, on the west coast of Finland. From very young, he was interested in creativity and handicrafts.

During the metal-workshop lessons at school, when the other students were learning how to make utility articles, he welded metal birds. However, his career as an artist would not start until some years later. The first serious attempt took place when he was 20, when he dragged an enormous block of wood from the forest into the garage of a friend and started to furiously model it with an axe. The result was quite amazing – even to the artist himself. The block of wood had been converted into a life-size, smiling seal. Parkkari presented his work in one of the most prestigious and oldest art galleries in Helsinki, where the young man was told to keep developing his skills and where they also promised to exhibit his future works. However, the seal found its home in the head offices of a shipping company, Silja Line. At the beginning of 1990, his ardent desire to make his living with his art became so strong that he left his regular job and started to promote his skills to building owners. Finally his persistence was rewarded and the orders began trickling in.


At the beginning of 2000, a certain professional’s magazine specialized in the rescue sector, wanted to write an article about the house number signs innovated by the artist. These number signs combined the afterglow effect with the visual aspects. The editor-in-chief of this magazine mentioned that a group of Finnish Chief Fire Officers had been visiting the rescue and fire extinguishing sector in Japan. The group had been very impressed by what they saw and especially by the new exit sign system implemented in Japan. These exit signs were installed right into the floor in large public spaces. The editor-in-chief wanted to know, if the artist would be interested in developing a Finnish solution version for this system. 


Jorma Parkkari immediately understood the necessity of developing such a product. He also understood something else: he would never find an architect who would approve the traditional symbol of the “running man” embedded into the floor. The artist’s point of view was that these signs should fit into the visual look of the building and that they should also be convertible, according to the different construction styles and to the architects’ desires and visions. Following a development process of one year, the project reached a stage where he was ready to file a patent application for his innovation. After a favorable decision, the innovation was also patented internationally.


Most frequent questions and answers.

According to studies low-level-lighting system can significantly decrease evacuation times in emergency situations. E.g. in USA the 2009 and 2012 International Building Code and Fire Code require all non-residential buildings Groups A, B, E, I, M, and R-1 for new construction over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all enclosed emergency exit stairwells.


Glowway products are top of the line glow-in-the-dark products regarding durability, design and functionality. The products are environmentally friendly, durable and cost-effective compared for example to e.g. led-powered systems, tapes etc. The products are made of elegant materials, fit well into different architectural surroundings, do not require outside power source or any wiring and do not require maintenance except cleaning.

They gather energy from the surrounding natural or ambient light and release the charge in darkness by glowing brightly for many hours.

When fully charged, the products can be seen glowing in total darkness even after 10 hours.

The products can be fully charged by giving it app. 8 min of direct sunlight or app. 25 min of normal room light.

According to the pigment manufacturer at least 25 years when installed indoors. In our own tests we have been testing the products in outdoor conditions now for 8 years without visible change in performance.

The modulus of rupture and breaking strength qualities have been tested according to EN ISO 10545:2012 standards and the products fulfill the requirements clearly. In general it can be said that tempered glass is approximately five times stronger than regular glass.

Make sure they are cleaned of dust or dirt build up. No other maintenance is required.

Glowway products have no components that will need replacing. As long as they are installed properly and kept reasonably clean, and not physically damaged, they will be working reliably.

The prices vary depending on the product. Please ask for quotation.

Glowway products are designed in Finland and manufactured in Finland and Poland.

Most of our products are installed in the floor like regular decorative tiling so any professional tiler should be able to install the products without problems. Also installation tools are available for some products.

Yes, Glowway products can be used also outdoors since they are durable and withstand well all weather conditions. Regarding the photoluminance effect in outdoor conditions, the suitability should be tested case by case since many lighting factors affect the luminance (e.g. surrounding light pollution can diminish the luminance effect to some extent).

No, the photoluminescent pigment used is not flammable, poisonous, radiative or a corrosive substance. When disposed of, according to EU Regulation N:o 1272/2008 the products are considered as general waste.

Glowway products can be used in all locations where quick and efficient exit is required in emergency situations. The products can also be used for decoration purposes.